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Chris Kirby-Ryan and the Reddy Team


Chris Kirby-Ryan has had over 25 years writing experience and as head of Reddy Resumes, she know the importance of clear, concise and informative resume.


At Reddy Resumes it's about more than simply putting together your resume. We like to match the look of your resume with your occupation.

We can also design you a simple website which will allow you to keep your resume short, linking it to your website for more information - a great way to keep all of the important points without a long, drawn out resume.

More than that, we can help with your SelectionCriteria as well as LinkedIn and Seek profiles.

If you're searching for a new career, you want to arm yourself with the right ammunition:

  • A resume that stands out

  • Well-addressed Selection Criteria

  • A strong LinkedIn presence

  • A professional Seek profile - particularly if you are applying through Seek

  • A website that makes you shine.

Talk to Chris Kirby-Ryan at Reddy Resumes, about helping you get into your new career.

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